New Patients

New Patients

Financial Info

Effective June 1, 2010 all payments are to be submitted to
Orthosynetics Financial Services
P.O. Box 660435
Dallas, TX 75266-0435

This includes:

  • Automatic Bank Draft
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Check Cards
  • Credit Cards,

To make payments by phone, call:

On line payments processed through our website
For more details, call Orthosynetics Patient Financial Services:

Braces are an important investment and we want to make your decision to receive orthodontic care affordable. Our office offers complimentary consultations that include an examination, X-rays and a discussion of recommended treatment.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of flexible payment plans with low monthly payments. Payments are due no later than the 5th of each month, regardless of when appointments are scheduled. Check with our office staff if you have any questions or would like to obtain more specific information.

Automatic Credit Card Debit

Monthly payments will automatically be charged to your credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Please provide us with your card information at your first appointment.

Automatic Bank Draft

Set up your monthly payment to be automatically drawn on an agreed upon date each month from your checking or savings account. Please provide us with a voided check or deposit slip at your first appointment.

Monthly Mail-in Payment with Recourse

This will enable us to continue treatment and avoid late fees for your account. Please provide us with a bank or credit card draft for us to keep on file. In the event that we do not receive your payment by an agreed upon date each month, we will be able to put the draft through.

Cash Discount Option

A full payment prior to the initial banding appointment will result in a significant discount offer.


We accept and file most dental insurance with Orthodontic coverage. Please contact your insurance representative and verify your Orthodontics coverage prior to your initial consultation visit. We ask all patients to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to your appointment so our staff can expedite all paperwork. Please remember to bring your insurance card and valid state issued ID.


We’re pleased to offer our patients CareCredit. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately, then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.